Border Management Inspector

Product Overview

In order to meet the needs of the biometric collection of port entry and exit inspection channels, the biometric collection all-in-one machine consists of biometric collection terminal software and biometric collection terminals. The biometric collection terminal is an integrated device that is composed of a controller, a four-finger fingerprint scanner, a visible light camera, a display with a touch function, a horn, a sound pickup and a power supply module. The biometric collection terminal software runs on the controller of the biometric collection terminal. The main functions include but are not limited to: the collection of fingerprint images and the transmission of fingerprint videos, the capture of facial images and the transmission of videos, voice collection and playback, and video playback. , Human-computer interaction information control, communication with user's business system and other functions.

This machine is divided into 3 categories, which are used for user self-collection of biometric information and background collection and comparison of user information. Deployed on the border inspection platform (or hall), the user can perform fingerprint image acquisition, visible light face image collection, voice collection and video playback on the terminal according to the human-machine interaction prompts (screen display and voice prompts) of the collection terminal, at the same time, the terminal interacts with the port inspection workstation through software interface.

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