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Other High-end Electronic Secure Documents

Market Demand

With the increasing development of economy, various kinds of electronic secure documents have been widely used in China. The status of electronic documents in economic development and daily life is becoming increasingly important; while traditional paper documents are easily copied, and caused a lot of troubles to people’s life, seriously restricted the further development of the relevant applications.The adoption of electronic secure documents instead of traditional paper documents increased the security of the secure documents, and electronic secure documents have become the mainstream trend of the relevant applications. Electronic secure documents mainly improves the security by the embedded chip that contains biometric information of holder ( like facial image, signature etc.) , in that way the security of the chip acts as the fundamental guarantee of the secure documents. The details are as follows:

  1. If the chip of the electronic secure document is cloned, there will be a situation that one person holding multiple copies of the same secure document, which is very likely to cause management loopholes.

  2. During the production and application of electronic documents, if the data of the chip is tampered with, the electronic document will be used by others.

  3. Electronic secure documents need to be read by various professional devices to verify the authenticity of the electronic documents. Without an authorized access protection mechanism, a professional device can read the secure document's chip information at will and there is no security guarantee of holder’s private information. 

  4. Facial photographs, signatures and other information are easily forged and difficult to distinguish. It is necessary to encode the unique biometric information of the secure document holder in the chip to ensure the consistency of the electronic secure document and the document  holder.

  5. Application procedures, approval, production, issuance, cancellation, etc., need to have a sound management process.

  6. Electronic secure document solution involves multiple sections of blank document production enterprises, information collection points, secure document centers, and secure docuemnt points. It is necessary to ensure the safety and reliability of data during transmission and storage.

Schematic design

Solution features

This solution follows the standards of relevant international organizations on electronic secure documents and related requirements of the State Cryptography Administration. It complies with domestic laws and regulations on electronic secure documents, password management, and information security, and provides security assurance for the production and application of electronic documents.


  1. The adoption of digital certification and digital signature ensure that credential ship could not be cloned and chip data cannot be tampered.

  2. PKI based authorization protection mechanism ensures that access to the credential chip data must be certified by the issuer.

  3. Ensure the consistency of electronic documents holders and the electronic documents through the holder's biometric information (fingerprints, facial images, handwritten signatures).

  4. Encrypt the collection, transmission and storage of biometric information to ensure that the biometric information of the electronic document holder is not compromise.

  5. Constructing a complete business support system for electronic secure documents based on the actual situation of the users, covering all business processes for the application, approval, production, issuance, and cancellation of electronic secure documents, and standardizing the management of electronic secure documents.

Application effect

This solution covers the whole business process of electronic secure documents, including chip production, information collection, credential inspection, credential issuance and other aspects, and solves many problems such as the traditional paper documents are easy to be tampered, easy to counterfeit, and easy to be used illegally. Currently it has been used in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' e-passport project, electronic passports containing fingerprints, facial images, and handwritten signatures have basically replaced traditional paper electronic passports.

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