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Border Management


  1. Assist border inspector to achieve border inspection for entry and exit personnel. Check the authenticity, validity of personnel’s border document and record corresponding entry and exist information. 

  2. Apply advanced digital credential technologies to realize automatic credential checking. 

  3. Use biometric technology to assist check of correspondence of person and credential.

  4. Carry out hardware and software system integration to achieve a safe and convenient border inspection process, and to automate and self-service the border inspection process.

  5. Docking passport management system to improve the convenience of entry and exit of domestic personnel.

  6. Docking visa management system, strengthen the management of foreign personnel, and improve the safety of national   border management.

  7. Exchange information with ICAO, Interpol, and International counter-terrorism organizations to promote the building of a comprehensive global security prevention and control system.

System Architecture

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