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Market Demand

?In recent years, more and more countries have joined to issue electronic identity card to its residents. Apart from convenience and multiple functions that it brings out, for instance, electoral participation, financial services, educational opportunities, public health care etc., it could also help fight against forgery and fraud, which is vital for government to achieve a more efficient population management.

An eID is a physical identity card that can be used for online and offline identity authentication, and access services provided by government authorities or other institutions. With personal identity information printed on card surface, an eID card also contained an embedded microchip, which stores card holder’s basic information and biometric information (Fingerprint, Photo, Signature, Iris).

As terrorist activities and identity fraud have become increasingly rampant, posing a number of challenges for governments. Improving national security, cracking down identity theft and corruption have always been priority tasks for every country in the world, thus placing the eID deployment in a prime position on governments’ agenda.

Solution Scheme

With industry-leading expertise and deep experiences, NJA can help governments to deploy a secure and holistic tailor-made eID system, achieve cost-effective administration, and accelerate public services improvement for citizen.

As a preferred solution provider for e-governance, NJA is delivering secure and trusted identity solutions to government internationally. Our comprehensive portfolio is designed with the following security features:

  1. Anti-counterfeiting and alteration

  2. Prevent duplication and overall cloning

  3. Prevent unauthorized access

  4. Protect sensitive information

Application Effect

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