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NJA (formally known as Beijing NJA Information Technology Corp., Ltd) was founded in 2004, and now we have 100+ employees working in our team. In April 2015, NJA was successfully listed on National Stock Transfer System (Stock No. 832267).


NJA is mainly engaged in electronic credential and relevant product design, R & D, manufacture, integration, marketing in the field of foreign affairs informatization. With decade of experience and industry-leading expertise, we delivered much significant solutions and products to foreign affairs informatization construction. We implemented e-passport system for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China, and the project of national, provincial and municipal foreign affairs management system. All these award-winning stories helped us establish the leader status in this field.

Moreover, NJA developed series of state-of-the-art hardware& software independently including ultra-strong anti-forgery credential, IC card and information management system, which have been widely deployed into 60+ nation-wide foreign affairs offices, 400+ governmental institutions and their subordinate units.


To make the world safer, make nations more stable, make society more efficient, make people's life more convenient.

NJA is the exclusive Chinese technical contact unit of ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization). Dr. Han Xiaoxi, the chairman of NJA, is also the exclusive technical contact person of ICAO in China. At NJA, we put much more effort into technologies research and development, by now NJA owns over 60 software copyrights, 3 independently-developed info-security products and 16 self-developed software.

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