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  • NJA was rewarded a successful acceptance on Second Phase of e-Passport Project for the Consular Department of MFA.

    On June 18 2015, the acceptance assessment meeting on the second phase of e-passport was held in the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. NJA as the general integrator participated this meeting. At the meeting, the passport II project passed the acceptance by experts such as the Academician Cai Jiren and Professor Zhou Jie, marking the successful completion of the second-phase on e-passport project.

    The e-passport project is a key project for the informatization construction of the consular department of MFA. The overall project was divided into two phases. With years of technical expertise and project experience, NJA successfully completed the construction of the first and second phase of e-passport project.

    In the overall project process, NJA set up an excellent project team to complete a series of project contents such as system planning, computer room construction, network integration, software development, implementation& promotion and operation& maintenance management, successfully completed the project construction tasks, laid a solid foundation for the development of e-passport and foreign affairs informatization.

    Jun 18


  • NJA listed on Chinese Stock Market

    Beijing NJA Information Technology Corp., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “NJA” or “Company”) was founded in 2004 with registered capital of RMB 21.15 million. Now we have more than 200 employees serving in this team and 80% are working on industry-leading technologies. On April 8 2015, the Company was successfully listed on Chinese Stock Market, and stock code is 832267.

    APR 02


  • The Consular Authentication System Officially Released

    The Consular Authentication System was officially released in December 2014, it is an information management system that fulfills consular authentication service for local foreign affairs offices. The system solved the problems of inefficiency of traditional service mode, inconvenience of inquiry and unavailable information sharing with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, standardized the consular authentication management process.

    As the number of Chinese and foreign personnel exchanges increases and cooperation in various fields continue to expand, the consular authentication service has been growing really fast. In 2013, the consular authentication service handled by local foreign affairs offices reached as many as 666,000 cases, making that an increase of 23.7% over the same period of previous year. The contradiction between the increasing workload and insufficient office resources was getting more and more prominent, which has seriously hampered the development of consular authentication service. In the next year, the Consular Department of MFA issued a document (No. 904) to provincial as well as municipal foreign affairs offices, which was called “Initiation of Network Connection on Consular Authentication Service for Local Foreign Affairs Offices”, put forward relevant requirements and instructions on authentication system construction. 

    The release of the consular authentication system marked a significant step for local foreign affairs offices.

    Dec 01


  • NJA Won the Bid for Second Phase of Electronic Service Passport Project for MFA as the Chief Integrator

    As the chief integrator for the first phase of electronic service passport project for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with years of experience and state-of-the-art technologies, NJA became a successful tenderer again for the second phase of this e-passport project. The successful bid laid a solid foundation for NJA in foreign affairs informatization area, it is also a demonstration of NJA’s professional and technical strength in this field.

    Jan 25


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